ITN Mandatory Activities

ZCAM Tutorial

The last tutorial of the project ITN-EJD:TCCM took place in Zaragoza from 2nd – 6th of October. The school was divided in the following topics: Relativistic Quantum Chemistry by Prof. Dr. Timo Fleig Correlation methods by Prof. Dr. Stefano Evangelisti…

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SHARC Tutorial

The aim of this tutorial was that the ESRs get familiarized with the SHARC code, which deals with multistate phenomena and non-adiabatic dynamics using surface-hopping. The tutorial was organized as a workshop around the general topic of “excited state dynamics”,…

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ADF Tutorial

This tutorial was organized with the direct participation of SCM. Its aim was that the ESRs acquire basic knowledge on the use of the modelling suite ADF (Amsterdam Density Functional), which is a popular computational chemistry program that relies on…

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Core Course

This two-weeks course was designed to fulfill a number of goals, including the presentation of the characteristics of the EJD-TCCM program to all the ESRs and to convey basic formation on transferable skills. The lectures were imparted by personnel and…

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EJD-TCCM Activities

4th Workshop TCCM

Doctorates Scientific Workshop The 4th workshop on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling was held in Madrid as part of the Core Course of the ITN from October 5th to October 6th, 2015 in the Autonomous University. The workshop was open…

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